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Upcoming occultation of Mars

On the evening of December 7-8, 2022, those of us in the mid and western US will get a great opportunity to view a somewhat rare occultation of Mars by the moon.  For us in the east-southeast it will be a near miss. But it will be very close and definitively worth viewing. During the month of December, Mars reaches opposition - a point that places the Earth directly between the planet and the Sun. And although this opposition wont be as close as the one 2 years ago, the planet is placed in a much. much better location in the sky - high up where atmospheric distortions and dimming are minimized. Most everyone is familiar with the constellation of Orion, the hunter. Mars is located above the hunter and can't be missed as it is glowing a bright red during the month. Its in a great location for anyone wanting to image the red planet. I may try myself later in the month if the weather cooperates. So, with the combination of a fully illuminated Mars and a bright full moon, this year'

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